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Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to Blanch/Schwarz

We would like to introduce our new site vlog and blog, my name is Kevin Dwayne Blanch and my business partner is Anna Schwarz.  I am 50 year old man and schooled in Finance Economics and Art in the United States.  Anna is 35 year old woman schooled in Economics Finance and Art in Europe and the United States.  Anna is an incredibly gifted writer, artist and world equity markets strategist.
                We meet on Wall Street a few years ago. Her last name is the German word for Black; my last name is the French word for white. We are both of Danish and Swiss bloodlines but have had extremely different life experiences. The entire relationship between us started via the topic of NATURE OR NURTURE.  How so many of our taste in art food design and even stock picking is so very similar but are life experiences could not be different.
                I was raised on a ranch in Utah by a world-class pinup artist mother, and a Special Forces Marine father (Dwayne Blanch) who my mother would always say looked just like Elvis with mussels. He was drafted into the marines and nuked in the Nevada test site and later died of leukemia. His group is called atomic veterans over 40,000 of them all died from leukemia every last one of them.
                Anna grew up in downtown Berlin raised by her parents both Artists. Great artist her parents are only 10 and 8 years older than I.  She is extremely intelligent educated and very hard working and last but not least extremely beautiful.
                I love YouTube she does not she is all about the writing and has very strong opinions about the written word vs. the spoken word I have a whole different perspective I love visual information I am a HUGE FAN OF P.B.S. and believe schools should use documentary to teach. Anna believes in literature, as the platform of Knowledge.
                We will blog together and write on subject matter in regard to the world markets together.   We are 50/ 50 partners in this venture.  We will explore global wealth and the protection and growth of global wealth using Art as our platform. She as I believe true Wealth is rotted in Art application.

                I believe this combination is a great metaphor for all kinds of information, culture wealth nature vs. nurture. Our basic psychology after all that is what economics and culture is purely rooted psychology. Whether it is your parents religious believes or your conservative or liberal biases we will explore them all. Are web site blanchschwarz will be like Millet my favorite artist taking a step back and gaining a wider perspective? It will be rooted in fundamental analysis form a wide view. Don’t look back will be our goal. Creative Ideas and very educated opinions via schools and experience in the world of your Wealth  
We also invite any free thinking intelligent minds to link and or blog vlog or commentate via video or writing in regard to wealth art and culture.
Stay tuned thank you Kevin Dwayne Blanch  Anna Schwarz 10/15/10

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