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Monday, October 18, 2010



Real estate as an investment as we all know became grossly over abused by every lazy scammer in the free world.  From the individual lazy investor to the corporate lazy abuser in the context of the CREDIT DEFUALT SWAP what a great SCAPEGOAT.  The confusion around credit default swaps is again a lazy scapegoat.
                The credit default swap by no means was the cause or effect. They where a good tool developed by Wall Street to hedge risk, because of the real-estate bubble they did exactly what they where indented to do protect financial intuitions and or investors who had a clue from catastrophic selling pressure.
                The problem was the Insurance industry specifically A.I.G.s unregulated greed; they backed the credit default swaps even when they knew they had not the ability to cover their policy holders, not even close.  Again it was a carry trade raped in a speculators lazy rainbow.  Wealth without work, money without knowledge, a lazy life style in vogue, and the so called responsible investor paying the price, ANOTHER FALLACIE.
                When Kool-Aid kudlow and rick insanetellie went on their rage 29 days after Obama became president. They should have been looking in the mirror C.N.B.C. was a major contributor to the bubble they supported pure abused supply side economies for 30 years. They supported the housing bubble as a trading tool. It is a philosophical problem not finger point at the new guy.  
                Fifteen years of falsely stimulated interest rates by Greenspan and Bernanke, And Greenspan has the nerve to call himself an Ayn Rander PLEASE.  A falsely stimulated Interest rate is as far from Ayn Rand’s philosophy as George Bush is from a humanitarian and intellectual.  That is the cultrate of the housing real-estate nightmare. Commercial and residential, it is a pure philosophy of empowering the LAZY Investor.  WEALTH WITH OUT HARD WORK.
                My point is stop blaming Wall Street and take a look at the philosophy behind the mask.  Supply side economics gone wild, and abused in the context of political Ignorant spuue to the 10 the power.  This site is no place for a technical analyses or a leveraged speculator. This site is for the hardworking money manager, whether you are an Individual, a private Equity manager, a public trust or any other form of investor WHO BELIVES IN THE OLD WORLD VALUE OF HARDWORK CREATS A GOOD LIFE,
   have forgotten this.   NOT ME.
                Kevin Dwayne Blanch 10/14/10

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