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Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Oil has evolved in to a very broad investment instrument for the past four decades it has taken on as the marquee global market indicator. I believe it is still a very good overall market and economic indicator maybe the best.
I love to use it in my matrix of weighting wealth as I believe many great wealth mangers have. I believe it is a better weighed indicator than say GOLD for the fact that gold has serious over psychological inflation and deflation weights. I know you will say so dose oil true but not to the degree of gold, gold can and always has take over a human’s total physiology that is not good. Of course I also know economic theory that dose create economic reality is rooted in pure psychology.
                If today’s investment and political environment dose not jump out at you in the said regard you are asleep deep sleep’. What was that great line in that great song paranoia will destroy ya?  The kinks I believe ahead of their time. That song fits perfectly today.
Oil is a hard commodity with equity like hormones; it has a life of its own in so many ways. If you ever meet an oil trader from the C.M.E.  Or the C.B.O.E. you would understand they are a breed of their own and a very unique mind set, much like an airline industry equity analyst? Try using general deductive thinking methods analyzing oil or the airlines you will pull your hair out literally they are all bald for real.
                On this site I will try to break throw all the commentary fallacy isms in regard to oil like how much the earth has left, how much of it in proportion is causing global warming (COWS ANIMAL AGRUCAULTURE) another of my favorite subjects.  I will attempt to help mangers and or investors of all size use oil as a part of their overall wealth strategies. It is a big player.
                I am very focused on Wealth protection and have always been not just in a  I have it and want to hold on to it manor, that’s too easy, I like to play in the arena of I don’t have it but I want it but I don’t want to get killed on the journey getting it.   I love the derivative markets for these very reasons. I was not raised in wealth far from it. I always fall back to Steinbeck when Caleb made the big score at the young age and burned it. It is the greatest metaphor in American history I believe.  I have been their LITTARLLY.
                I do know how to use the derivative market in regard to oil as a protector and a growth opportunity.  Short and long Stay tuned
                Kevin Dwayne Blanch

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