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Monday, October 18, 2010


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Investment is an ART, as ART is an Investment. Art has always been my favorite investment, not just for the return on investment which over time is like equity’s all about the piece of art or said equity. Buying Art as buying stocks is not just a broad brush stroke. It is a surgeon’s scalpel, a good surgeon, finding great investment Art is an ART.  I get no greater joy than searching for great Art as an investment and a piece to view. While visiting my Daughter in NEW YORK last Christmas. We went to the MOMA. As her and I love to do together go visit the great Museums of the world.  I was standing in front of one of my favorite artist works that I had look at in books only for decades CHAGALL.  I told Ashley I never noticed the clock in the horse’s eye until today.  As the conversation evolved we talked about. True wealth and what it meant.
           I said it is like this one can be penny less which I have been more than once in my life, and walk into a Museum or a landscape or a city street, and look and view and when you spot a great work of Art whether it be the sky or the flowers or a beautiful designed automobile, or a painting.  My blood pressure raises the blood rises to the front of my brain and gives me great joys. That is what makes us HUMAN, and not just another animal.  Ashley said “but most humans do not understand your concept of viewing art.”  
                I thought about that a lot over the past year, and came to the conclusion, that is what makes a great investor in Art and Equities. One you must be educated in the subject matter. No matter how intelligent one is he or she must take time and learn.  Second having that embedded understanding of why that blood pressure rises to the front of the brain and you know. That is a great investor. 
                AND LET’S NOT FORGET:  the age old art investment line:  you cannot hang a stock on your wall and have that joy every time you look at it. Old and worn out but so true.
kevin d. blanch 10/12/10
There are many works of art with great upside investment potential we will be looking and posting to this page dead and alive young and old.   Art has always been a great investment. Having the taste or confidence in an Individual or companies taste as per investment is the key.  Just like equities Knowledge.   We hope to feature great Art investment opportunities and Ideas on this page.
blanchschwarz 10/10/10

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