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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post ignorance the blow job that changed the world

                                 the blow job that changed the world
 The reality to all of this is plain; Ignorance and hate is breed by two, the male provides the hate, Rove, Breemer, Wolfawortz, Cheney, Murdock, the Female allows the male to breed her via ignorance and passive arguments, the American popular opinion.  The pregnancy is a unwanted child, with a mother who is overweight, high, and drunk every day, all through the pregnancy, the believe in a yellow ribbon, the lazy poorly educated Geography argument , the racist view of Asians ( 1946-1971) that turned to the racist view of middle easterners.  The pure lazy mother and aggressive ignorant father have created the NEW even more Ignorant child, the American popular Opinion, Born not from love born from angry sex in crack house .  The child has been born; it has a small brain, and is addicted to anything it looks at. It is oboist, it is lazy, it KNOWS NO OTHER WAY. The child is ours now the parents refuse to raise it, 35 TRILLION DOLLAR WAR, LOWER TAXES, LOWER TAXES, LOWER TAXES. There is no orphanage to send the little creep to so we pass it around until one day.  American popular opinion sees its face and recognizes that it is the child they abandoned so long ago. They embrace the child and take the child in, and then the child in an angry rage kills THE PARENTS, US , American popular opinion , in our sleep. 
kevin blanch stuccos a art studio to look 500 years old
 by Kevin Dwyane Blanch  
"The true work of art is born from the 'artist': a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes a personality, an independent subject, animated with a spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being."  Wassily Kandinsky

"New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements ... the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture." Jackson Pollock

"October This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks Other dangerous months are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February."


the Kevin D. Blanch wealth weighted index
I have worked on this said Index for 16 years now; I have used my index in Wealth management for 14 years.
·         Oil
·         Gold
·         Real-Estate
·         Currencies
·         Medium income
I have built a matrix in regard to this said index. I Weight my index against any said countries major equity or bond Indexes. In regard to this study and book of mine,
This said Index of mine can be used in relation to any portfolio of any kind, individual equities, baskets, real-estate commodities, bonds, currencies, and any variation of the said investment instrument. I first used my said Matrix in 1997.  This is my first official publication of this said matrix.

As once a great artist said “every time I paint I die a little." I have always said every time I plaster I die a little. Now that my hawk and trowel has been restrained by exploiters and ignorant I hate craft and love fake < I have been dying a lot lately, as I search for fight and breath and light, and starve for PASSION. I have worked on this project for 2 years now, I need life I need love I need passion this project is like a sex addict watching porn searching, searching.  I need real sex and passion this book I hope gives all the passion I have lived my entire life surrounded and captured in, back to me.  This world has lost its romance its color its ideas, its forward thinking skills. Awake please Awake.  Searching Kevin Dwayne Blanch 10/30/10
 Chapter 1

                I see post –ignorance as a pure art movement in the concept of art itself, in the concept of art is culture in the concept that people are culture in the concept  that inspiration, and influence are great historical artist.  Like Van Gogh on Millet like Pollock’s reference to Kandinsky. Like Monet’s to the sunlight morning dawn winter fall summer spring.  IT IS INFLUNCED by the invougeness of the time.
                My look at culture and art there as TODAY, economic theory, popular culture, art or more reality the lack thereof art, THE MIND of seeing when others for some un-cognitive reason do not see. Everyone saw light for millenniums; everyone saw a simple line for millenniums everyone saw eclectic color for millenniums. 
It is more than per say the artist, MONET saw the light, Millet saw the struggle, Van Gogh saw the line, Smithson saw the simplicity of the line, and shape against the landscape, Kandinsky saw the election of color and shape, Pollack saw the color of dynamics in motion, but much more than that they saw it decades ahead of the truth.  Their minds saw fact and truth, their minds where strong enough to act upon what they understood when all others did not understand, NOT YET.  They had strong backs and knew how to work. They where the purification of ambition intelligence education, smoothed with work ethic.
                I visualize and have for over two decades know via my hawk and trowel , via my keyboard, via my paintbrush, via my cardboard three dollar throw away camera, via my flip video camera, via my soapbox YouTube, via my websites. As this:
·         Poetic injustice to all of the world, wars without provocation, pain without a crime, love without an artistic spirit, IGNORANCE WITH A CLUB (BIG CLUB)


As a movement in pure intellectualism, in a broad intellectualism not I know art history, not I know how to draw like a camera, not I know how to interrupted, and not I know how to incorporate.  But I know culture I know environments in the more exposed manor, I know economics I know geopolitics I know metaphor’s good and bad, I know struggle and what it feels like to be stolen in wealth and mind artistic and benevolent. 

I have painted in this movement of mine for 20 years, I have designed in this mindset for 20 years, I have used color in this mind set for 45 years, I have written in this mind set for 20 years, I have PLASTERED IN THIS MIND SET FOR 34 YEARS 135 DAYS, IT IS GROUNDED AND GROUND INTO MY BRAIN AND HAWK AND TROWEL, and OVER USED BACK, BROKEN TWISTED SCARED, its impassioned by the 10,000 plaster jobs I have done.  It is fueled by the pain of watching my father DWAYNE EDWIN BLANCH ( a pure genus of life) being loaded into a body bag, as he died with the mind of Picasso or Dali or Melville, his mind as he died on FIRE WITH SHARPNESS.  A GRASS fire, killed by AMERICAN IGNORANCE, ATOMIC VETEREN DRAFTED VIA SPIT AND HATE by a competitive ugly people, Rooted in the bath of my wife and own cousin having sex, by the scar of a severed tongue and a byproduct of the mythical idealism that joy comes from the exploitation of brown people. Ground in by the crushed face and scar across my face my deformed nose and missing upper jaw bone and fake teeth, sponsored by brass knuckles, in a hail marry sucker punch by my own nephew. Who needed to rob a 75 year old widow (my pinup artist mother) alone on the ancient lake floor?

            Influenced by ROBERT SMITHSON who patted me on the head and winked at me in 1970 as my father and he talked at the spiral jetty, influenced by Mariner Eccles who put his genus caring sole to all of Humanity, economic theory as all economic theory based as religion and used as a weapon.  His one of compassion for others NOT AS THE PAST 30 YEARS SUMMOND BY GREED ON HATE.  He lived and worked right up the road from me.  Influenced by the architecture of Leslie Hodgson, art deco giant whose work I stared at and live in, and learned in, and watched my father and grandfather trade futures in cash in, suit cases of cash, in around touching me visual and taste.  Influenced of the ignorance of popular opinion tearing down John Affleck , of wanting to tear down Ogden high, of tarring down the Ogden canyon rock retain walls and replaced with JERSEY BARACADES( even when my rock and plastering business BLANCH PLASTERING offered to restore it for free).  Influenced by a mother who could draw like a camera, (pinups), Influenced by great teachers and living in a great cosmopolitan city as it was slowly passing away, Great teachers who loved art and exposed me to great art like the U.S. secretary of educations wife, Influenced by inherited wealth losers who had nothing to do so tried to be artists and English teachers at the high school level, who kicked me out of school.  Then latter begged me to stucco their studios (which I did).

            I embrace knowledge from birth I am a visual believer learn through documentary’s (P.B.S.) learn through experience (age I am 50 now).   See the landscape of culture in the landscape of the place you live, in a television, in a computer screen, in a walk along the local river, in a hike to the top of Mt. Ogden, through a picnic at the spiral jetty, through a drive over Monte Cristo, trough the vase that sits on my mantel mad with the redwood of the dismantled 1904 Union pacific cause way.  A heighten in the brain all of the brain not just the front and center, of the cause and effect of IGNORANCE and Freudian agenda masquerading as media.  IGNORAED like the premeditated murder of  my beautiful father, (My mother would say he looked like Elvis with mussels) the brown pigment of his colored eyes burned to dull gray, like the Great Salt Lake in early spring. I know ignorance; I have lived ignorance, in the pain. The MURDER OF MY FATHER, the killing of my lifelong passion BLANCH PLASTERING , fake rock fake stucco, ( e.i.f.s.) fake stone , the abuse of supply-side economics the murder of HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND Unknowing anything about drawing lines and calling them nationalist.  The nonexistence of any art movement and the destruction of thinking in vogue in visual ideas,

Post ignorance is intelligent art with things and people and places and experiences, with a flip video camera always around my neck, with going from poor too rich to poor and living a starved artist experience at 50. Watching my big magnificent environmental art work 1150 south 4440 west, West Weber Utah be hammered down as the great thinker said;

 "The true work of art is born from the 'artist': a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes a personality, an independent subject, animated with a spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being."  Wassily Kandinsky 

Hammered down like the ecstatic old nail in Hamlet and turned into a Orwellian piece of shit popular opinion loves,: 

    “The average suburbanite in the World cannot drink and drive not because it is illegal and dangerous, because they cannot find their house. They pull into a 800 house subdivision and look at their fake rock, fake stucco, ( e.i.f.s. ) their fake so called venetian plaster ( paint over sheetrock)  their downloaded blueprint floor plan, their Identical automobiles made buy 100 manufactures who use the same said blue print.  THEY WALK TO THE WRONG DOOR and before they can get their gun out of their sock, the wrong house owners shoot him.  Then shoots his wife for sleeping with the boss @ her impoverished hourly wage job that can barely pay the daycare, (where their child becomes addicted to ridelin or A.D.D. OR whatever other lazy no interaction parenting can create, not to mention the stress of poverty.)  “Me today.

            I have been living the COUNTRY WESTERN version of hamlet. Barr the ending, I have told that to thousands of people, not one has a clue what I am talking about and continues to drool in the ignorant state of life they have cultivated.  I put up a video on my YouTube channel right after the B.P. oil spill titled FUCK B.P.  I spoke of Rachael Carson’s Environmental iconic book silent springs, I said silver springs an obvious Freudian slip; it took nearly 5000 views for anyone to spot it.  

My intention is this; NOT A COMMENTARY BUT A DOCUMNETRY OF ignorance, I fully can and will show via video (YouTube) plastering (my hawk and trowel, and rock splitting sledge hammer)   color (my canvases and paint brush) my education (economic theory schooled and traveled in real businesses) that we as humans live in the aggregate of ignorance unseen in the modern work.  This book will alien culture inevitable reality of the embracing of ignorance as the popular opinion of a military industrial GIANT. And all its horrible and grotesque byproducts, point by point,


Pensions Nightmare in the waiting, Pensions and Actuaries in Crises

Pensions nightmare in the waiting

Pensions and Actuaries in Crises

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I believe the pensions of America in all aspects government, private, and corporate are in a major meltdown waiting to happen. I believe this will be the next bomb to drop on Wall Street, Main Street, and easy street.
Actuaries all over this country, HAVE BEEN DEAD WRONG, for a very long time,  Their forecast matrix models have had a low range of 7 to 10 % market returns via the s&p 500 and or the other broad indexes.  We all know how the 10 year return in this country has been in a real number world. (15%), but pensions and people do not live in a real number world.  They live in a weight adjusted number world OIL GOLD REAL-ESTATE AUTOS FOOD.  And many if not most actuaries have used the P.P.I. and or the C.P.I. government or their own as their Inflation barometer.
·         P.P.I., C.P.I.   10 year annual up less than 3 %
·         GOLD  10 year annual return up over 100%
·         OIL  10 year annual return up over  70%
·         REAL ESTATE annual 10 year return up over 15%
·         Commodity (food) annual return up over 15 %
I will put it this way Two years ago while visiting my Daughter in Manhattan over Christmas I attend a party and a couple young actuaries where in attendance.  I was introduced because of my profession as a derivative wealth protection guy.   One made the statement to me that “we have not even seen Inflation yet”.  The other was in total agreement.  I did not say much but I thought to myself “are you kidding, NO INFLATION how asleep are they”.  Again they were thinking and using the   U.S.   P.P.I.  and C.P.P. numbers,
        I as a weighting wealth mind set knew the real Inflation numbers over the past decade 2000 2010.   They had gone crazy the only thing that did not inflate over the said decade was equity prices. (How bad was the market over that decade BAD WEIGHTED HORABBLE)?

This is history repeating itself in the late 70s and early 80s the pensions of this country where failing for the same said reasons and corruption.  So congress acted and the individual retirement account was born.
        Of course we all know how empowered that industry ( and I do mean INDUSTRY) has become.  THE GIANT BEAST OF WALL STREET and easy street, FUND MANGERS making huge money with no accountability, TALK ABOUT EASY STREET.
        Stay tuned I will be writing and commentating via video on this page in regard to the said subject matter.  This nightmare is only beginning, 80 million fat unhealthy baby boomers retiring SOON.  You think  health care is in for a major crises (which it is) wait until every cop, teacher, janitor, professor, and insurance investor,  FEELS THIS nightmare.
Kevin D. Blanch 10/8/10