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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea Party-Regan-Gurgen-How Ignorant is this country. NEO-IGNORANCE WOW ...

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


forward your comment to k.s.l. At the top of thier website click more thier is all of thier Info,  its the same old in Utah talk talk AND DO NOTHING .

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This site will not be a trader’s information site to see daily updated stock quotes or floating currency conversion charts. Or the quick investor’s day trading or technical analyst information platform far from it, this site is the brain of Kevin Dwayne Blanch a long time derivative trader economist, artist, plaster and commentator.
                In regard to country by country I will not be giving short term or daily updates , I am going to focus on the big picture like MILLET I will step back and view the markets form a wide perspective. (My favorite artist MILLET)
                I will on this site use passion like I have in everything I have ever done in my life, I am a romantic in the classical sense, I am a lover of Steinbeck and Melville and Van Gogh and Michelangelo, I care about my community I care about my environment, and most of all I care about my and everyone else’s children and grandchildren.  I find no more true American romance than in the DERIVATIVES AND EQUITY MARKETS of the world.  IT IS ART NOT science and great art takes great passion.  I will be updating individual pages weekly and this site daily.
Kevin Dwayne blanch 10/10/10    BlanchSchwarz  ART CULTURE INVESTMENT ENVIRONMENT

AAPL apple Estimate 10/19/10

BlanchSchwarz: Oil

BlanchSchwarz: Oil



Oil has evolved in to a very broad investment instrument for the past four decades it has taken on as the marquee global market indicator. I believe it is still a very good overall market and economic indicator maybe the best.
I love to use it in my matrix of weighting wealth as I believe many great wealth mangers have. I believe it is a better weighed indicator than say GOLD for the fact that gold has serious over psychological inflation and deflation weights. I know you will say so dose oil true but not to the degree of gold, gold can and always has take over a human’s total physiology that is not good. Of course I also know economic theory that dose create economic reality is rooted in pure psychology.
                If today’s investment and political environment dose not jump out at you in the said regard you are asleep deep sleep’. What was that great line in that great song paranoia will destroy ya?  The kinks I believe ahead of their time. That song fits perfectly today.
Oil is a hard commodity with equity like hormones; it has a life of its own in so many ways. If you ever meet an oil trader from the C.M.E.  Or the C.B.O.E. you would understand they are a breed of their own and a very unique mind set, much like an airline industry equity analyst? Try using general deductive thinking methods analyzing oil or the airlines you will pull your hair out literally they are all bald for real.
                On this site I will try to break throw all the commentary fallacy isms in regard to oil like how much the earth has left, how much of it in proportion is causing global warming (COWS ANIMAL AGRUCAULTURE) another of my favorite subjects.  I will attempt to help mangers and or investors of all size use oil as a part of their overall wealth strategies. It is a big player.
                I am very focused on Wealth protection and have always been not just in a  I have it and want to hold on to it manor, that’s too easy, I like to play in the arena of I don’t have it but I want it but I don’t want to get killed on the journey getting it.   I love the derivative markets for these very reasons. I was not raised in wealth far from it. I always fall back to Steinbeck when Caleb made the big score at the young age and burned it. It is the greatest metaphor in American history I believe.  I have been their LITTARLLY.
                I do know how to use the derivative market in regard to oil as a protector and a growth opportunity.  Short and long Stay tuned
                Kevin Dwayne Blanch

Monday, October 18, 2010



Real estate as an investment as we all know became grossly over abused by every lazy scammer in the free world.  From the individual lazy investor to the corporate lazy abuser in the context of the CREDIT DEFUALT SWAP what a great SCAPEGOAT.  The confusion around credit default swaps is again a lazy scapegoat.
                The credit default swap by no means was the cause or effect. They where a good tool developed by Wall Street to hedge risk, because of the real-estate bubble they did exactly what they where indented to do protect financial intuitions and or investors who had a clue from catastrophic selling pressure.
                The problem was the Insurance industry specifically A.I.G.s unregulated greed; they backed the credit default swaps even when they knew they had not the ability to cover their policy holders, not even close.  Again it was a carry trade raped in a speculators lazy rainbow.  Wealth without work, money without knowledge, a lazy life style in vogue, and the so called responsible investor paying the price, ANOTHER FALLACIE.
                When Kool-Aid kudlow and rick insanetellie went on their rage 29 days after Obama became president. They should have been looking in the mirror C.N.B.C. was a major contributor to the bubble they supported pure abused supply side economies for 30 years. They supported the housing bubble as a trading tool. It is a philosophical problem not finger point at the new guy.  
                Fifteen years of falsely stimulated interest rates by Greenspan and Bernanke, And Greenspan has the nerve to call himself an Ayn Rander PLEASE.  A falsely stimulated Interest rate is as far from Ayn Rand’s philosophy as George Bush is from a humanitarian and intellectual.  That is the cultrate of the housing real-estate nightmare. Commercial and residential, it is a pure philosophy of empowering the LAZY Investor.  WEALTH WITH OUT HARD WORK.
                My point is stop blaming Wall Street and take a look at the philosophy behind the mask.  Supply side economics gone wild, and abused in the context of political Ignorant spuue to the 10 the power.  This site is no place for a technical analyses or a leveraged speculator. This site is for the hardworking money manager, whether you are an Individual, a private Equity manager, a public trust or any other form of investor WHO BELIVES IN THE OLD WORLD VALUE OF HARDWORK CREATS A GOOD LIFE,
   have forgotten this.   NOT ME.
                Kevin Dwayne Blanch 10/14/10

Welcome to Blanch/Schwarz

We would like to introduce our new site vlog and blog, my name is Kevin Dwayne Blanch and my business partner is Anna Schwarz.  I am 50 year old man and schooled in Finance Economics and Art in the United States.  Anna is 35 year old woman schooled in Economics Finance and Art in Europe and the United States.  Anna is an incredibly gifted writer, artist and world equity markets strategist.
                We meet on Wall Street a few years ago. Her last name is the German word for Black; my last name is the French word for white. We are both of Danish and Swiss bloodlines but have had extremely different life experiences. The entire relationship between us started via the topic of NATURE OR NURTURE.  How so many of our taste in art food design and even stock picking is so very similar but are life experiences could not be different.
                I was raised on a ranch in Utah by a world-class pinup artist mother, and a Special Forces Marine father (Dwayne Blanch) who my mother would always say looked just like Elvis with mussels. He was drafted into the marines and nuked in the Nevada test site and later died of leukemia. His group is called atomic veterans over 40,000 of them all died from leukemia every last one of them.
                Anna grew up in downtown Berlin raised by her parents both Artists. Great artist her parents are only 10 and 8 years older than I.  She is extremely intelligent educated and very hard working and last but not least extremely beautiful.
                I love YouTube she does not she is all about the writing and has very strong opinions about the written word vs. the spoken word I have a whole different perspective I love visual information I am a HUGE FAN OF P.B.S. and believe schools should use documentary to teach. Anna believes in literature, as the platform of Knowledge.
                We will blog together and write on subject matter in regard to the world markets together.   We are 50/ 50 partners in this venture.  We will explore global wealth and the protection and growth of global wealth using Art as our platform. She as I believe true Wealth is rotted in Art application.

                I believe this combination is a great metaphor for all kinds of information, culture wealth nature vs. nurture. Our basic psychology after all that is what economics and culture is purely rooted psychology. Whether it is your parents religious believes or your conservative or liberal biases we will explore them all. Are web site blanchschwarz will be like Millet my favorite artist taking a step back and gaining a wider perspective? It will be rooted in fundamental analysis form a wide view. Don’t look back will be our goal. Creative Ideas and very educated opinions via schools and experience in the world of your Wealth  
We also invite any free thinking intelligent minds to link and or blog vlog or commentate via video or writing in regard to wealth art and culture.
Stay tuned thank you Kevin Dwayne Blanch  Anna Schwarz 10/15/10


                FINE ART                    FOLK ART                 CLASSICAL ART          MUSIC          LITERATURE
               PAINTING      SCULPTURE     SONGS       PLAYS      BOOKS     POTERY     JEWELRY     GLASS
                                   FRESCOS    PLASTERING     THE SYMPHONY     THE OPERA


Investment is an ART, as ART is an Investment. Art has always been my favorite investment, not just for the return on investment which over time is like equity’s all about the piece of art or said equity. Buying Art as buying stocks is not just a broad brush stroke. It is a surgeon’s scalpel, a good surgeon, finding great investment Art is an ART.  I get no greater joy than searching for great Art as an investment and a piece to view. While visiting my Daughter in NEW YORK last Christmas. We went to the MOMA. As her and I love to do together go visit the great Museums of the world.  I was standing in front of one of my favorite artist works that I had look at in books only for decades CHAGALL.  I told Ashley I never noticed the clock in the horse’s eye until today.  As the conversation evolved we talked about. True wealth and what it meant.
           I said it is like this one can be penny less which I have been more than once in my life, and walk into a Museum or a landscape or a city street, and look and view and when you spot a great work of Art whether it be the sky or the flowers or a beautiful designed automobile, or a painting.  My blood pressure raises the blood rises to the front of my brain and gives me great joys. That is what makes us HUMAN, and not just another animal.  Ashley said “but most humans do not understand your concept of viewing art.”  
                I thought about that a lot over the past year, and came to the conclusion, that is what makes a great investor in Art and Equities. One you must be educated in the subject matter. No matter how intelligent one is he or she must take time and learn.  Second having that embedded understanding of why that blood pressure rises to the front of the brain and you know. That is a great investor. 
                AND LET’S NOT FORGET:  the age old art investment line:  you cannot hang a stock on your wall and have that joy every time you look at it. Old and worn out but so true.
kevin d. blanch 10/12/10
There are many works of art with great upside investment potential we will be looking and posting to this page dead and alive young and old.   Art has always been a great investment. Having the taste or confidence in an Individual or companies taste as per investment is the key.  Just like equities Knowledge.   We hope to feature great Art investment opportunities and Ideas on this page.
blanchschwarz 10/10/10

don't confuse us with the facts ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID

Never in my life have I heard so many using economic theory as a political soap box without even knowing how many are on the Supreme court or the capital of Spain or how many times the U.S. Constitution has been amended let alone  who Keynes  or Smith or Eccles even are . I hear the so called tea party spuing like an open sewer, free market capitalism, lower taxes Obama is a socialist we need another Reagan.   Reagan and fiscal responsibility mentioned in the same sentence PLEASE.  Of course the term fiscal responsibility to the average American is some type of fungus.  The masses are truly clue less.   I recently finished a little project I have been working on where I took my camera and interviewed 2000 people in my area and asked a set of questions.  First what is your opinion of congress?  Per batem; blah blah blah we hate congress, second question; who is your congressman or woman.  Pause more pause blah blah blah out of those 2000 interviews done this summer 2010 less than 5% knew.
                I would then elaborate when they started Harry Reid Harry Reid that lady with big bulging eyes you mean Nancy Pelosi ya her. I would ask can you vote for Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi ya. No Harry Reid is a senator from Nevada; No Nancy Pelosi is a congress woman from Northern California.  What is the difference between a U.S. Senator and a U.S. Congress Man or Woman BLAH BLAH BLAH I have no clue and do not care? I know I just hate them all. Wow was my response.
                The last man I interviewed was homeless He knew, all of my questions, one of my last interview was a collage Business professor at my school which, when I graduated was the Number one ranked school of business in the country. He did not know who his congress man was. I told him about the homeless man later he was very taken back and said "how would he know he doesn’t even have a television." Wow I said there is my answer Have you ever heard of a newspaper. He stormed off.
                This is the same town MARRINER ECCLES was from and lived almost all of his life. I asked the same two business professors to elaborate on Mariner Eccles one the department chair. They both said who?
                Supply side economics for 30 years manipulated twisted deformed and abused, Marriner Eccles of course the father of demand side economics the F.D.R. economist.   I grew up in the same town as he,   he would rollover big-time.  I have never seen such ridicules assumptions in regard to the economies and general ignorance. I fully intend to write about this said subject matter a lot on this site.  It is my second favorite subject rights behind great Art, o.k. maybe my third. I have been accused of being to Freudian.  I always say I take that as a complement. 
Stay tuned Kevin Dwayne Blanch 10/14/10