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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I will be making a youtube ranting comeback soon kevin d blanch

I will be making a youtube ranting comeback soon kevin d blanch


  1. kevin, i enjoy your videos and updates on fukushima. why is nyc more dangerous than fukushima? also, where would you suggest someone go to be safe from nublear debacles?

    also, take turmeric three tablespoons with fat (oil, creamer in coffee, egg omelet, salad dressing etc) three times a day. three heaping tablespoons spaced evenly throughout the day.
    causes apoptosis. a friend of mine did this when they gave him a month to live based on blood test abnormalities. he laso gave up red meat and ate more raw vegetables and fruits. within three months all the wbc were normal and also rbc and no trace of his lymphocitic leukema was evident. it is 6 years and he is still absolutely fine. i cannot say if this will work for you but he didn't even do chemo and he was not mistakenly diagnosed. others i know of have done the turmeric (usually in coffee with creamer) and have had good results i know of.

    also cannabadiol found in cannabis indica oil helps. google
    "run for the cure" about hemp oil use to combat cancer. available readily in colorado i hear. indica supposedly better than sativa oil for this but both effective reportedly. you have to much fight in you to trust it all on the petrochemical industry's pharmco chemo products alone.

    central lines itch. keep it clean! stay in touch!

    anna yamada
    your fan.

    also consider

  2. look up tgf-beta blocking antibodies drug trials thru the nih. good luck. and sleep under a thin sheet nude in temperature at 66 degrees fahrenheit if you can stand it and if it won't give you pneumonia. ask your doctor and good luck! keep me apprised!