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Monday, October 18, 2010

don't confuse us with the facts ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID

Never in my life have I heard so many using economic theory as a political soap box without even knowing how many are on the Supreme court or the capital of Spain or how many times the U.S. Constitution has been amended let alone  who Keynes  or Smith or Eccles even are . I hear the so called tea party spuing like an open sewer, free market capitalism, lower taxes Obama is a socialist we need another Reagan.   Reagan and fiscal responsibility mentioned in the same sentence PLEASE.  Of course the term fiscal responsibility to the average American is some type of fungus.  The masses are truly clue less.   I recently finished a little project I have been working on where I took my camera and interviewed 2000 people in my area and asked a set of questions.  First what is your opinion of congress?  Per batem; blah blah blah we hate congress, second question; who is your congressman or woman.  Pause more pause blah blah blah out of those 2000 interviews done this summer 2010 less than 5% knew.
                I would then elaborate when they started Harry Reid Harry Reid that lady with big bulging eyes you mean Nancy Pelosi ya her. I would ask can you vote for Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi ya. No Harry Reid is a senator from Nevada; No Nancy Pelosi is a congress woman from Northern California.  What is the difference between a U.S. Senator and a U.S. Congress Man or Woman BLAH BLAH BLAH I have no clue and do not care? I know I just hate them all. Wow was my response.
                The last man I interviewed was homeless He knew, all of my questions, one of my last interview was a collage Business professor at my school which, when I graduated was the Number one ranked school of business in the country. He did not know who his congress man was. I told him about the homeless man later he was very taken back and said "how would he know he doesn’t even have a television." Wow I said there is my answer Have you ever heard of a newspaper. He stormed off.
                This is the same town MARRINER ECCLES was from and lived almost all of his life. I asked the same two business professors to elaborate on Mariner Eccles one the department chair. They both said who?
                Supply side economics for 30 years manipulated twisted deformed and abused, Marriner Eccles of course the father of demand side economics the F.D.R. economist.   I grew up in the same town as he,   he would rollover big-time.  I have never seen such ridicules assumptions in regard to the economies and general ignorance. I fully intend to write about this said subject matter a lot on this site.  It is my second favorite subject rights behind great Art, o.k. maybe my third. I have been accused of being to Freudian.  I always say I take that as a complement. 
Stay tuned Kevin Dwayne Blanch 10/14/10


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